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TRS Outdoors is a subsidiary of The Reel Shot, a store located in Appleton Wisconsin that is growing at an unstoppable pace to bring the best gear for hunting and fishing to the masses at reasonable prices!

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Our staff is constantly in the field putting our products to the test. This means we have the ability to deliver content from our experiences right to this platform and more! Check out our social links to follow us on most social media sites!

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Click here to see our latest hunting blogs and videos. Our team is staffed by novice and seasoned hunters alike, making for some great content! Check out our trip stories, our gear reviews, and more!

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Click here to see our latest fishing blogs, whether we went on a fishing trip of a lifetime, had fun throwing line in a local fishing hole, or unboxed some of the most modern and coolest gear out there. We have content for everyone!


Check out our latest Youtube videos where we go on adventures to put some of our newest gear to the test. From ice fishing on the local water systems to out of town hunting expos, we have a lot of content to keep you entertained and informed!


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Our store is the heart of what we do, we can't deliver content without selling product on the back end. Help show your support by making us your #1 choice for outdoors shopping.

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