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Founded in 2010, The Reel Shot is dedicated to helping you bring success to your game. Whether you are on the hunt for a trophy buck, or just panfishing with the kids, TRS has you covered. We want to help you connect you and your loved ones to the great outdoors, We make that possible by having a storefront with friendly and knowledgeable staff and an online shop overflowing with the latest and greatest products that we know will help you be successful on your next trip into the great outdoors!

Not only do we sell outdoors equipment, we use it too! As a growing business, we are staffed with local, everyday people with an everyday love for the outdoors which means we are constantly putting the products we carry to the test. We also hand pick everything we carry in stock, which allows us to maintain a diverse yet affordable range of hunting and fishing gear at prices you’ve probably come to expect only at big box stores!

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As our company grows, we have started to notice that our focus has shifted from just selling products to educating and entertaining our customers to help promote what makes our store different than any other outfitter in the country. Our outstanding, personable customer service approach. To do this, we brought on board a full time media producer to help make our content great and accessible on all platforms. We cover everything from hunting, to fishing, to product reviews and more via our blogs and videos.

Stephensville, Wisconsin.

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