10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Megan Radtke

Megan Radtke is an accomplished hunter and angler with a unique ability to share her love for the great outdoors and all things wild with her family and friends. Growing up in a region known to sportsman for its wide variety of hunting and fishing opportunities, Megan immersed herself in a Central Wisconsin lifestyle filled with options. For example: deciding which tree stand to hunt after school or if she’d have better luck fishing instead were just some of the decisions this young woman had to make. Surrounded by an outdoors bound family, filled with love and mentors galore Megan grew up hook and worm fishing for native brook trout and rifle hunting whitetail bucks. She had soon discovered however that wasn’t challenging enough so over the years she’s taken on fly fishing and bow hunting, actually quitting rifle hunting altogether. It soon became apparent that chasing whitetails and longbeards wasn’t enough for her, so she set her sights on something even bigger: Black Bear. Bear hunting was relatively new for Megan’s family, but she pursued it with tenacity, finding a new passion and even harvesting a Pope and Young bruin. Outside of hunting, Megan is an avid photographer, having been published by the Montana Department of Tourism. She also loves sharing her passion for the outdoors with other women and children, introducing them to the sport. She encourages women to break barriers and to prove that they can do what they love while crushing the glass ceiling of a male dominated sport.

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Still have some last minute gifts to get for that outdoorsman in your life? Yоu shouldn’t hаvе to endure а crowded, rage-frenzy mаll with no one to assist you in finding the perfect gift tо give this holiday season. Which is why here at The Reel Shot we’ve eliminated not only all the guesswork by
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SWEET BACON-WRAPPED VENISON TENDERLOIN   This recipe has been rated #1 on RecipeZarr® since 2005 and continues to gain attention! Reviews show that it is the BEST deer meat recipe in America which, definitely makes it worth trying. Even those who do not like the wild game meat will fight for a piece of this!
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This recipe is by far my family’s favorite meal on those cold and snowy days after sitting in the treestand for hours. It’s so good however, that I’ve been known to make this delicious meal in all weather, including the heat of the summer! This is a sweet chili, so it’s great for those that
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