Kamooki SmartFish and SmartCraw Review

When we were doing the Kamooki SmartFish/Craw Review we found it’s hard to put a finger on what bait classification it would really be under. Is it a lipless crank? Not really. Is a vertical jig? Nope. Is it a blade bait? Definitely not. The truth is it’s a little bit of everything with some unique features that puts the Kamooki SmartFish/Craw in a class of its own. With that being said, if you are a bass, walleye or pike angler your definitely going to want to checkout what this bait can offer.

Kamooki SmartFish/Craw Features

9.04# Largemouth Caught on Kamooki SmartFish in AK

In our opinion, the Kamooki SmartFish delivers a masterful blend of buoyancy and sinking ability that allows it to do its best work on the bottom of rivers, lakes, ponds or just about anywhere filled with water. The buoyant body and weighted head of the bait keeps the rear treble hook facing upward and the nose of the bait traveling downward as if the Kamooki SmartFish was seeking cover or searching for food. This does one of two very important things, keeps the SmartFish looking natural as well as exposing its ultra-sharp VMC black nickel treble for a better hookup ratio.


The shape and design of the bait also allows for a very natural and enticing fluttering fall. The fall of the bait after jigging or ripping is where most strikes occur, so eliminating slack line and maintaining bottom contact is a must. The Kamooki SmartFish/Craw pairs nicely with a medium action rod featuring either a fast or extra fast tip, a 2500 size spinning reel and braided line. Each SmartFish/Craw also comes with a split ring pre-installed for easy rigging. 


Ideal for structure, the design of the Kamooki SmartFish/Craw is virtually snag proof so you can fish just about any bottom with it. Soft to hard transition bottoms, weed edges, sand, rocks, brush and mud are all great places to work the SmartFish all year round. The Kamooki SmartFish/Craw is a game-changer for fishing large and smallmouth bass, walleye and pike as it’s offered in three versatile sizes: 2.5”, 3” and 4”. The unique fluttering and diving presentation makes the Kamooki SmartFish/Craw ideal for vertical jigging, ripping and retrieving like you would a traditional rattle bait. When it comes to attention to detail in the Kamooki SmartFish/Craw, this bait is right up there with some of the nicest finished baits on the market with plenty of proven color patterns and finishes to choose from. Natural colors like bluegill, walleye and perch are ideally suited for clear bodies of water where bright colors and holographic finishes like those seen on natural shad and green tiger are ideal for stained or murky conditions. 



Check out the TRS Product Spotlight for the SmartFish/Craw
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMwhkJ6CFzQ[/embedyt]

Kamooki SmartFish Specs

Weight⅓ oz½ oz1 oz
Diving DepthVariableVariableVariable
Colors Offered 111110
Target SpeciesBass, Walleye, PikeBass, Walleye, PikeBass, Walleye, Pike
HookSingle VMC Blk Nickel TrebleSingle VMC Blk Nickel TrebleSingle VMC Blk Nickel Treble

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