The Megabass Dark Sleeper: Winnebago’s Next Big Bass Slayer


When talking about the Winnebago System, one question seems to pop up more often than not: "Are there Goby in the system?"

The answer is: maybe.

When looking to throw baits, every bass angler knows that you have to give the fish something new, enticing, and relevant to the waters you're fishing. The Megabass Dark Sleeper is the epitome of Goby presentation, giving a lifelike look, feel, and texture while also providing a multitude of color combos to help trigger a bite in any water situation.

The Dark Sleeper is a swim-bait designed to mimic the actions of a real life Goby. The paddle tail also contributes some heavy action when retrieved even at slow speeds to help drive more bites. The bait also includes a hidden hook, sandwiched between two fins (that look like one to the untrained eye) that collapsed away during a bite. This helps protect you from sticking yourself, snagging weeds and structure, as well as giving the bait a more life-like presence.

In the waters surrounding the Winnebago system the Megabass Dark Sleeper has been an absolute game changer for bass fisherman looking for a bottom dragging, bite inducing bait. It's surely different than what is being presented by the other anglers in the area, and as the Goby population in our area increases, it will only help drive bigger and more plentiful bites.


  • 1/4 oz - 2.4"
  • 3.8oz - 2.4"
  • 3/8oz - 3"
  • 1/2oz - 3"
  • 3/4oz - 3"
  • 1oz - 3.8"

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Biwako Yoshino

Zach Hoffmann

Zach Hoffmann is a photographer and videographer who has spent his recent years indulging himself in the Automotive industry. From car sales, to racing photography, and the aftermarket parts industry, he has seen it all. As of Autumn 2018, he has given up the world he grew to love (and to hate) to explore the beauty of the outdoors as well as enjoying the thrill of the hunt for both game animals and fish alike. Zach grew up panfishing with his grandfather almost every weekend, and hunting Whitetail Deer every Wisconsin gun season but completely fell away from the outdoors during and after high school. However, after accepting a unique opportunity with the Midwest's very own The Reel Shot/TRS Outdoors all of that changed. Now Zach is the media producer for The Reel Shot and has every excuse in the book to go out and enjoy the world outside city limits. He may be a novice sportsman once again, but what he lacks in hunting and fishing skills he makes up for with his knack for writing and producing enticing digital media content.

  • Best bait I have used in a long time!! Great article Zach!!

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