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Stephensville, Wisconsin.
Stephensville, Wisconsin.

Hey everyone!

As I write this, we as a company are on the verge of a major endeavor into the great unknown of digital media production. We have invested in a slew of equipment and new team members to help make this possible.

TRS Outdoors is something that we hope will launch us into the digital age through education and entertainment. Between how-to videos, cinematic mini-movies, blog posts, and everything in between, the future of this website and team will over shadow anything we have done in the past. We are no longer just your neighborhood outfitter, we are now aiming to become your premier spot for shopping as well as outdoors related entertainment. So stay tuned, there is a lot in the pipeline. In the meantime, head over to our shop and gear up for your next excursion.

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Zach Hoffmann

Zach Hoffmann is a photographer and videographer who has spent his recent years indulging himself in the Automotive industry. From car sales, to racing photography, and the aftermarket parts industry, he has seen it all. As of Autumn 2018, he has given up the world he grew to love (and to hate) to explore the beauty of the outdoors as well as enjoying the thrill of the hunt for both game animals and fish alike. Zach grew up panfishing with his grandfather almost every weekend, and hunting Whitetail Deer every Wisconsin gun season but completely fell away from the outdoors during and after high school. However, after accepting a unique opportunity with the Midwest's very own The Reel Shot/TRS Outdoors all of that changed. Now Zach is the media producer for The Reel Shot and has every excuse in the book to go out and enjoy the world outside city limits. He may be a novice sportsman once again, but what he lacks in hunting and fishing skills he makes up for with his knack for writing and producing enticing digital media content.

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