Why Custom Baits Are More Effective

A small example of The Reel Shot's custom crankbait selection.
A small example of The Reel Shot's custom crankbait selection.

Let's face it: Custom baits play a huge role in the success of thousands of anglers every year, from those throwing for 'eyes in the Green Bay, all the way to the Great Lakes fisherman that spend hours trolling for big Salmon. The reality is, all baits can be good baits during the right time of year, under the right water clarity, and temperature. However, custom baits offer new, reliable colors that give fish something to look at that they have probably never seen before. Many offer outlandish colors that provide stark details and contrasts under water that work hard to activate a better bite so you can have more success.


Most custom painters have signature styling that separates them not only from factory patterns and colors, but also other custom painters. This gives you the edge especially when fishing densely populated areas where fish are under a lot of pressure. Fish are smarter than they appear, and trust me if they have been caught on a bait more than once, they definitely know to avoid it.

Custom baits bring variety to the table. Where most companies make only a handful of stock patterns, many custom bait painters have hundreds of patterns at their disposal. They might be popular stock patterns from other baits made to work on something else, or more typically 100% custom patterned and colored for specific purposes or needs. Some people even swear that blemished baits can offer an advantage because they are incrementally different than even the popular custom that it was supposed to match.

The most popular custom baits are sold for walleye, salmon, and trout trolling. However, if the bait exists, there is probably a custom version of it somewhere in the world. At The Reel Shot, we carry a plethora of JT Custom Tackle, Viper Custom Tackle, and more! That means we have Smithwicks, Bandits, Rippin' Raps, Shad Raps, Flicker Shads, Flicker Minnows and a load of other custom baits!


It's safe to say that custom baits should definitely be a part of your daily tackle box. Stock patterns are great and there is a definitive reason that bait-makers use the patterns they use. Custom baits do a great job at offering fish something different to look at, helping your chances at activating a bite. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on some custom baits today!

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Zach Hoffmann

Zach Hoffmann is a photographer and videographer who has spent his recent years indulging himself in the Automotive industry. From car sales, to racing photography, and the aftermarket parts industry, he has seen it all. As of Autumn 2018, he has given up the world he grew to love (and to hate) to explore the beauty of the outdoors as well as enjoying the thrill of the hunt for both game animals and fish alike. Zach grew up panfishing with his grandfather almost every weekend, and hunting Whitetail Deer every Wisconsin gun season but completely fell away from the outdoors during and after high school. However, after accepting a unique opportunity with the Midwest's very own The Reel Shot/TRS Outdoors all of that changed. Now Zach is the media producer for The Reel Shot and has every excuse in the book to go out and enjoy the world outside city limits. He may be a novice sportsman once again, but what he lacks in hunting and fishing skills he makes up for with his knack for writing and producing enticing digital media content.

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